I was very blessed with  the love and support of family and friends during my journey with breast cancer, so I wanted to pay it forward  by creating a

501c3 nonprofit where 100% of our donations benefit Breast Cancer Survivors and their family.

With all my love,


​Endowed​​​​Scholarships at Grayson College and PJC !!!


​​​​​​I know the financial hardship of education! My children were both in high school at the time of my diagnoses.  I had the financial battle of finding the money for their college education... but, thanks to the help of scholarships, we made it happen! In attempts to afford other survivors the same blessing and opportunity, we have created an endowed scholarships of our own! 

"The worst thing would have been if my kids would not have been able to start college because of my illness." 
-Sherry Thompson​